Rural Family Resources

Helping Rural Families and Agricultural Businesses

Counselling and Mediation

Unable to find the help her family needed to communicate in order to continue a family owned business,  Diane  returned to education to develop the skills and expertise to deliver this unique service.

As a trained Counsellor Diane has been working in rural and remote East Gippsland helping farming families and rural communities through natural disasters such as drought, bushfires and floods and also through the everyday issues of life in isolated areas that do not receive many services.

With her understanding of the unique issues that face farming families who, live, work and play where their business is located, Diane has been able to help many individuals and families.

Diane believes that communication is the key to maintaining  the all important relationships within Family Businesses.  Her expertise is helping people build communication in immediate family and also just as importantly in the extended family and through generations.